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The Let’s Talk Prostate Cancer Digital Atlas

The Let’s Talk Prostate Cancer (LTPC) Digital Atlas provides an overview of prostate cancer outcomes across the EU and for each of the EU 27 countries and the UK. The assumption that men with prostate cancer die with, rather than of prostate cancer, is a common misconception.1 Prostate cancer is a major health challenge with over 2 million people living with the disease across Europe, causing an estimated 107,000 deaths in 2018 alone.2,3 The time to act is now.

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We have developed a number of policy recommendations
showing how care for the patient community could be improved.

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Prioritisation, health inequalities, and EU Guidance implementation.

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Articles, Call to Action, COVID-19 paper

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Incidence, Morality, Survival, Prostate Cancer Care, Quality of Life


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